WCA Church Upkeep

Church Renovations and Updates

2012-2013–Entire outside of Church was repainted.

2014–due to damage from flooding because of a rodent eating through roof shingles. The tin ceiling has been repaired and repainted. New carpeting installed and a thorough cleaning of the entire building was done.  All the antique oil lamps have been lovingly and carefully restored by Ruth Nelson.

2015– A  Church committee was formed to help with its maintenance, repair, cleaning and scheduling issues.  At this time, replacing the roof was a major concern and preliminary project work has begun to discover that the roof will be okay for another 10-15 years.

2016–The Church Committee has installed a new window blind in the front room, replaced a broken window pane in the front room including glazing, painted the window in the front room, fixed an outside light fixture, filled oils lamps with paraffin oil, updated the outside bulletin board, cleaned the church, purchased a new sound system, and rewired the two inside Candelabras lights used at the head of the church.

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