Our 2020 Sponsors!

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors!

Without the support of the following businesses and individuals we would not be able to host many of the events we have scheduled for the season, or provide Student Academic Awards to island college students, or even continue our maintenance on the historic Community Church in the center of Westport Island. Learn more about becoming a WCA Member or Sponsor!

Our 2020 Season Sponsors:

Davies Allen; Cromwell Coastal Properties; Sharon Drake Real Estate; Barry & Margery Castleman Evans; Louana & Ted Frois; Sheepscot River Marine Services; Pat Smith & Dick Tucker; and Cora Tarbox.

Our 2020 Event Sponsors:

Sue & Dave Avery; Cromwell Coastal Properties; Crossroads Coffee Beans; Squire Tarbox Inn; Debbie & Rich Lorenson; MicroMania; Norm’s Used Cars; Sasanoa Brewing Co.; Jeff Tarbox; Nancy Shaul; and First National Bank.

Our Past 2019 Season Sponsors:

Davies Allen; Canning Family; G & D Cromwell; Sharon Drake Real Estate; Barry & Marjorie Castleman Evans; Louana & Ted Frois; Bill Hopkins & Christy Hopkins; Patricia O’Reilly & David Soule; Pat Smith & Dick Tucker; Ames Hardware; Cora Tarbox; & Sheepscot River Marine Services.

Our Past 2018 Event Sponsors:

April Pancake Breakfast: G&D Cromwell

May Garden and Plant Swap:

June Meet and Greet: Betsy & David Forrest, MicroMainea, Sasanoa Brewing Company

July WVFD Benefit BBQ: Bath Savings Bank, Norms Used Cars, John E. Bailey (in Memory of Alan Anderson)

August Ice Cream Social: Crossroads Coffee Beans

September Special Concert: Ted and Elizabeth Graff

October Halloween Party:

December Westport Island Christmas Program: The First, Connors Home

Our Past 2017 Season Sponsors:

E. Davies Allan, Ames Supply/Averill Family, Cromwell Coastal Properties, Sharon Drake Realty, Ten and Louana Frois, Bill and Christy Hopkins, Mort and Patty Mendes, Sheepscot River Marine Services, Richard Tucker and Pat Smith, David Soule, Jr., Woodbrook Animal Hospital, G&D Cromwell, Inc.

Our Past 2017 Event Sponsors:

May Concert Event: The Shipmates featuring Alison Freeman: Scott Connors/Connors Home

June Meet and Greet: Sasanoa Brewing Company

July WVFD Benefit BBQ: John E. Bailey (In Memory of Alan Anderson), Barry and Margery Evans, Judy Hughes, Bath Savings Institution

August Ice Cream Social: Wiscasset Ford

September Cemetery Driving Tour: Jeff Tarbox

October Halloween Party: Eloise Baker

December Island Christmas Program:  The First

Our Past 2016 Season Sponsors:

Ames Hardware, Eloise Baker, Dennis and Carole Dunbar, Ted and Louanne Frois, Bill and Christy Hopkins, E. Davies Allen and Nancy Shaul, Clem and Georgia Sledge, David Soule, Jr., Colby and Gale, Inc., G&D Cromwell, Inc., RJ Associates, LLC, Sharon Drake Realty, and Two Brothers Snowplowing!!

Our Past 2016 Event Sponsors:

May Antiques Appraisal Event: Fuller Marine Services

June Meet and Greet: Copy Shop

July WVFD Benefit BBQ: Bath Savings Institution, John Bailey (in Memory of Alan Anderson), Reliance Auto Repair

August Square Dance: Wiscasset Ford

September Concert in the Church: E. Davies Allen and Nancy Shaul

December Island Christmas Program: Micro Mainea, The First