Historic Community Church History

The Westport Community Church, or the Historic Church, as Islanders call it, was first built as a concert hall and located at the north corner of Main Road and Sortwell Road. It was moved to its current location at 1211 Main Road in the area termed the Center in the 1800s and served as a Methodist Church until 1950s. As concern for its condition grew, the Methodist Church gave the church and the property to the newly formed Westport Community Association in 1955, with the promise that the association would continue to hold church services in the building over the next ten years.

The Westport Island History Committee provided the Westport Community Association with some interesting facts about the history of the church after they conducted a review of the Westport column in the newspaper “Sheepscott Echo,” which contained the following entries regarding “Center Church.”

Sheepscot Echo:

March 6,1915
A new Parsonage to be built for the Church. Parsonage to be built on the West Shore Road on land purchased for T.F. Knight. (This house is now the Wallace house at 20 West Shore Road.)

November 20, 1915
Mr. Higgins was asked about building a chimney in the Center Chapel.

December 4, 1915
They are remodeling the Center Church, dividing it in half so as to make it smaller, and taking out part of the pews. The other half will be used as a vestry.

December 25, 1915
A new stable to be build at the Church Parsonage on West Shore Road

December 29, 1916
A Christmas tree was put up at the Center Church.