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How we began

The Westport Community Association (WCA) is a committee-run group that was legally incorporated in the State of Maine in 1955 to operate as a non-profit organization.

The By-Laws governing the association authorize us:

  • To promote projects or ideas in the best interests of residents of Westport Island;
  • To preserve the Westport Community Church that is deeded to the WCA;
  • To foster a sense of community; and
  • To acquire monies to carry out these functions.

As part of this charter, the WCA supports higher education by providing stipends to post-secondary students to help defray their costs. As guardians of the Church, the WCA holds total responsibility for the upkeep of this valuable asset and therefore, as repairs become necessary, the WCA seeks the funds and the means to complete these repairs.

Address: Westport Community Association, 6 Fowles Point Road, Westport Island, Maine 04578

A Summary of the Community Association’s History

Compiled by Emily Adler & Ruth Nelson

In the 1950’s some of the elder residents of Westport Island were concerned about the deterioration of the Methodist Church. Eleanor Siebert proposed that an organization be formed which would be responsible for its restoration. Discussion ensued with the following result.

Some of the original members of the WCA beside a sign seeking support to re-shingle the Community Church

On October 6, 1955, at the office of Carl M.P. Larrabee, Justice of the Peace of Wiscasset, Maine, by-laws were accepted and the organization was incorporated under Maine Law and titled The Westport Community Association. David B. Soule was made temporary chairman and clerk of the meeting of associates. “The purpose of said organization is to promote any project or idea of value in furthering the best interests of the town of Westport or its residents, and to preserve property, buildings, monuments, records and any other places or things of interest and historical value to the town of Westport, and to acquire by gift or purchase all real and personal property necessary for the carrying out of these purposes herein set forth.”

Founding members: Eleanor H. Siebert, Herbert B. Cromwell, Teresa S. Richardson, Ernest G. Graumann, Hazel S. Knight, Paul L. Hodgon, Frank T. Greenleaf

Over the next year discussion with the Maine Conference of the Methodist Church resulted in the passing of the title to the Church if servcies would be held over the following summers for at least ten years. Deed of the Church was executed on October 8, 1956, and registered on October 15, 1956. The agreement having been made, Church renovation was begun.

Over the years Church attendance has dwindled, thus Sunday services and Sunday School programs are no longer held. The WCA continues to hold an annual Holiday Program and encourages the use of the Church for weddings, funerals and memorial services.

(Information has been gathered from Original Articles of Association, Deed and “Westport Island Maine” by Cora Tarbox 2011)