Westport’s Green Address Signs

IMG_1661Have you been seeing these green reflective address signs on Westport lately?

There’s a good, no…GREAT reason for them! Read the letter from Westport Volunteer Fire Department’s Fire Chief, Bob Mooney below,  to discover why these signs are so important and how you can get one of your own.

From Fire Chief Robert Mooney:
“Your fire department and its Emergency Medical Service members are requesting you to consider purchasing a double-sided reflective house number for your home.  Let me explain the reason for this request.

Every year the fire and EMS services are requested to respond to fires, medical emergencies.  Many of those calls were delayed to some extent because we were looking for the correct residence.  The problem boils down to a number of factors.  When I drive around the island one thing I take notice of is how people number their residence.  Some homes have their number on their mailbox which is great for the post office but not so much for the fire department.  Other problems regarding current house numbering are:

  • Not having easily visible house markers that can be seen both in daylight hours and after sunset.
  • Not every residence has a mailbox, the have a Post Office box.
  • The mailbox may or may not be on the same side of the road as the residence.
  • The house number is not on both sides of the mailbox, we have EMT’s responding from each end of the island and the number is not on the side from which they are responding.
  • Many of the numbers are only one or two inches high and are not easily readable in the day and especially so at night.
  • Numbers are rarely reflective which makes them stand out even in the worst conditions.
  • The number is on the home itself or at the head of the driveway and tastefully done but there is no consistency so finding the number from the cab of the truck at night, in the rain, is difficult if not impossible.
  • The mailbox is at the end of the road, but there may not be a number on the residence itself.

When we are responding to a call of a heart attack, stroke, severe injury, or fire the lost time can mean more dire consequences than need be.

The Westport Volunteer Fire Department wants to help solve this problem by selling house number signs and installing them. Listed below are some guidelines we need to follow to ensure some degree of consistency and to make sure the signs meet the necessary requirements.

  1. We can mount on top of your mailbox or on same post if on same side of the road.
  2. If #1 above is not possible–we will supply a galvanized post for an additional cost, (our cost). This cost will be on a per-foot basis.
  3. If you would like different style post you will need to provide the post and we’ll install it.
  4. If no suitable site is available on the same side of road of the house, we’ll put the number sign on the opposite side of the road across from the house with an arrow.

Number signs can be displayed vertically or horizontallyt.

We want to make this project work for the benefit of everyone.

The Fire Department is selling the signs for $15.00. This includes the sign blank, numbers for both sides of the sign and installation.


Sign up on the list at the Town Office
E-mail the department at WVFD@WESTPORTISLAND.US with your address and contact information.
Stop by or call the firehouse on any Wednesday between 6:30pm and 8:00pm

You can drop your check off at the town offices and leave it in the Fire Department’s mailbox with “Address Sign” written on the memo line.

Thank you,
Bob Mooney
Fire Chief
Westport Volunteer Fire Department”