Presidents’ Message


It is with great pleasure that we tell you about the wonderful advances made on our island due to the dedication of the Westport Community Association Board of Directors (“Board”). The goal of the WCA has always been to provide preservation of the historic church and provide social outlets for the residents of the island.

The WCA has been charged with preserving the Westport Community Church, which was deeded to us in 1956. As you are aware, the church is a landmark on the island sitting next to the Town Hall, projecting a remembrance of days past as well as meeting the needs of today’s society. It is a very old structure and as such requires much upkeep. The WCA has completed quite a few updates to the church, both structural and visual. These improvements include outside painting, repair of the roof, repainting of the ceiling, installation of new carpet, a new pulpit shroud, and meticulous restoration of the oil lamps.

 Times and situations have changed since the incorporation of the WCA. During the past few years we have operated in a deficit, expending more money for programs and repairs than we have taken in. At the start of last year, our funds were down a substantial percentage compared to what they were 15 years ago.  In order to turn this situation around, the Board has begun a yearly fundraising campaign, asking local businesses and private citizens for sponsorships and donations to help us rebuild the operating accounts.  Please read more about how you can help the Westport Community Association here.  We are also requesting that you become a member of the WCA or renew your membership. If you have already joined, thank you! If you are able to donate more, your contributions will be greatly accepted.

 Drew Porter & Deb Lorenson

Co-Presidents,   Westport Community Association